MS/HS Announcements

June 2018


Chromebook Questions? Please contact Mrs. Stacey Johnston at or call 989-587-5100 ext. 5113

      Please see the following NEW INFO./EVENTS:

- stemming from our Bernhardt survey data, we will be hosting a communication improvement forum here on this Thurs., June 21st @ 5:30pm in the MS/HS office conf. room, in an effort to reach out to our parents, seeking specific examples of how we can change our best with communicating better, more often, and with different platforms - please RSVP to Mr. Simmons if you will be in attendance this Thurs.

- this Fri., June 22nd will be Mrs. Hengesbach's and Mrs. Droste's last day of the school year here in the office, until their return on Mon., Aug. 06th - please do not leave voicemails up front, nor email Mrs. H./Mrs. D. during this date range, but rather, please send all communications to Mr. Simmons

- all of our MS/HS office team will be out from June 25th - July 13th - please wait until the week of July 16th to call here, leave voicemails, send emails, and/or make appointments

- in regards to setting up a date/time to meet with our staff members, please schedule an appointment with the individual person, rather than dropping by the front office unannounced - scheduled appointments will allow us to give you the time, focus, and attention you deserve

- our 1st summer "shut down period" is June 30th - July 03rd and July 05th - July 07th (all of our campuses and facilities are off limits to our current students, and none of our staff can have any contact with our current students) 

- our 2nd summer "shut down period" is July 30th - Aug. 05th

- in order for students to receive their chromebook and class schedule, all fines/school property/invoices/balances must be reconciled by Fri., Aug. 03rd 

- our new student orientation will be Mon., Aug. 13th @ 5:30pm in our auditorium

- chromebook/class schedule distribution and school photos are on Aug. 20th and 21st from 9am-12noon, and from 1pm-3pm (all fees/invoices must be reconciled by Aug. 03rd in order for students to receive their schedule and chromebook)

- 1st day of school for our students is Aug. 27th

- Homecoming vs. Dansville on Oct. 05th, with the parade in Pewamo at 4:30pm

- all of our students who drive a vehicle to school will need to have a parking pass next school year - the 1st parking pass will be free, and more info. will follow in the near future

- immunization documentation is required for all students who are enrolled in Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools - please talk to your child’s health care provider to make sure your child is up to date on their immunizations (for additional information on recommended and required immunizations go  
parents/guardians choosing to decline immunizations must obtain a certified non-medical waiver from their local health department, and a copy of the non-medical waiver must be given to the child’s school before the child will be allowed to attend

- please check out our 2018 LipDub, with all thanks to Mr. Rehmann and his champion MultiMedia class! =


- please consider following P-W Schools on Facebook and Twitter to see all the champion things going on inside our buildings, with our students! 

- Our Educators have been hard at work creating videos to help you understand some of the things that happen in their classrooms.  For example, if you’re not sure how to read the homework sheets that come home from Mrs. Sedlacek’s 4th grade classroom - there’s a video for that.  If you would like to know how Mrs. Butcher structures her Free Writing Assignments - there’s a video for that.  If you’re looking to create a lifelong reader - Mrs. McCord has made a video for that.  Essentially, each Teacher tried to identify something that parents have had confusion with, and made a video to address that situation.
All of these videos have been uploaded to one YouTube channel, called PW Parent Education Support.  It can be located by going to YouTube and entering the name of the channel into the search box.  From there, you can browse available videos and subscribe to the channel.
We hope that you find these videos to be a valuable tool in helping to educate your child.  

- we have started a Clothing Closet for P-W students in need.  We are accepting brand new boys/girls/men's/women's clothing (with price tags attached) in all sizes (for all grade levels) throughout the year.  So, the next time you're out shopping, please consider adding 1 more article of clothing to your purchase for a student who might otherwise go without.  Thank you for caring!  Please, drop your donations off in the MS/HS Art room with Ms. Blair.  You may contact Ms. Blair at the MS/HS at (989)587-5100 with any questions.

- if you happen to know any student who is living in any of the following situations, please let me know immediately, so we can assist them right away: in a shelter, in a motel or hotel, with more than 1 family in a house or apartment, in a car, at a campsite or campground, with friends or family members (other than parent/guardian), or living alone  

 - we continue to work to increase our Substitute Teacher pool, as there is a real shortage of Subs. (and we have increased our rate of pay!) - please consider applying online @, as we believe you would love working alongside our students and Team here!

Our 2017-18 MS/HS vision targets
#1  we will grow our champions' culture
#2   we will utilize our data to drive instruction/improvements via interim assessments
#3  we will implement proven, effective instructional methods (teaching is for learning)
#4  we will make tech. an ingredient to quality instruction
#5  we will increase the frequency, SAT format, and rigor of our formative, interim, and
    summative assessments
#6  we will keep our Atlas curriculum mapping "alive"

General Announcements

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