1:1 District Technology Initiative

In May of 2013, the community passed a bond extension which, among other things, provided for many technology upgrades to our buildings.  The infrastructure, wireless capability, and available physical devices were all updated, upgraded, replaced, and/or improved.  

Our expectations are to prepare all learners for the technology challenges of the future with 22nd Century Objectives; integrate technology into our curriculum, utilizing real-time data and information by accessing greater and more accurate resources; and to meet all learners where they are and how they learn, with the focus on anytime, any place, any path, any pace ideals.

Our hopeful results are these: deeper relationships with students, increased student motivation and engagement, and increased student achievement.  

Please use this page to locate the policies on our student devices and the digital citizenship content we are providing and teaching to our students to help them prepare to be responsible global citizens.

Technology at PW Schools 

Video DocumentClick here to view our Technology at PW video

Do you have a broken or damaged iPad or Chromebook?  Email support@pwschools.org or click here to fill out this form to get assistance.


PDF DocumentClick here to see the PW Elementary School iPad Use Policy

PDF DocumentClick here to see the PWMS/HS Chromebook Use Policy

PDF Document Click here to see the BK-2 Digital Citizenship Lessons

PDF Document Click here to see the Grades 3-5 Digital Citizenship Lessons

MS/HS Digital Citizenship Lessons

It is our intention to provide lessons each hour on Day One of the 2017-2018 school year to students in grades 6-8. Students at the high school level will be able to study the lessons (listed below) and will take a test over the material first hour of Day One this school year.  The topics covered are: Educational Changes Through Technology, Digital Footprint and Reputation, Cyberbullying, Internet Safety/Privacy and Security, Relationships and Communications, Cheating and Ethics, and Hardware Care.  At the end of the day, each MS student will take a test to show what he/she is learned.  When that test is passed with an 80% or better AND the district has the parent/student signed Chromebook policy in hand, the student will be able to use his/her Chromebook for the year.  Please contact the Main Office with questions regarding this plan.

PDF DocumentFirst Hour - Phishing - Email Scams

PDF DocumentSecond Hour - Footprint

PDF DocumentThird Hour - Cyberbullying 

Powerpoint DocumentThird hour - Cyberbullying presentation

PDF DocumentFourth Hour - Safety, Privacy, Security  Presentation

PDF DocumentFifth Hour - Relationships & Communication  Activity One  Activity Two  Activity Three  Graphic Organizer  Quiz

PDF DocumentSixth Hour - Cheating and Ethics  

PDF DocumentSeventh Hour - Hardware Care